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Xmas story... called may a delay

it's a its the week before and all through the days I've been working my tail off and my deli in the center. i lift up the boxes i run back and forth, putting out groceries with out even a sneer. nothing soon do i realize as they hand my roster I'll being 11 to 6 every to day Xmas. i sigh and fidget, i do my with a smile so forced that even the merriest of shopper can see my dismay.

i trot along home after the first day is done and sight o my self only 11 days to go. never thinking i would love for x mas to be over so i can rest my saw feet. was in the my door so clean and colourful.

i step thorough into the loving x mas glow to to see my coon sleeping happily i don't dare wake i trot of to bed to await the next day

day by day pass i count down the days until its the day before x mas my last shift before the family comes. my feet stop hurting and now are num. the shift ends and i get home with a sift look at the clock i see the time 4:30pm, i sigh one hour until my family arrives i sit at my computer the page reading to be finished, i reach for my tablet and put the pen to the screen...... to be concluded.

short version. i've been working every day for the last 12 days at my deli and haven't had time to finish the comic to be updated so it might be late or Jason my put up a X mas special. stay tuned.

posted by Able @ December 23rd, 2010, 7:41 am  -  0 Comments

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